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Cal State LA University Auxiliary Services, Inc. (UAS) offers a comprehensive benefits program for its regular, full-time, benefited employees and their dependents. This includes medical, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage. The information contained here is an overview; for more details, please refer to your ADP employee portal or plan documents. 

Only employees classified as regular-benefited employees are eligible for UAS Benefits Package. UAS retains the sole discretion to determine issues of eligibility or interpretation of the term and provision of all company benefit programs. UAS retains the sole discretion to change, modify, amend or cancel benefits. 



UAS offers HMO and PPO medical coverage options to all regular-benefited employees and their eligible dependents. Children are covered up to age 26. UAS contributes generously toward plan premiums on behalf of the employee. The employee is responsible for any premium payments in excess of UAS’ contribution. Employee contributions are deducted on a pre-tax basis.  


UAS offers HMO and PPO dental insurance options to all regular-benefited employees and their eligible dependents. Children are covered up to age 26. UAS contributes generously toward plan premiums on behalf of the employee. The employee is responsible for any premium payments in excess of UAS’ contribution.   


UAS provides vision insurance to all of its regular-benefited employees and their eligible dependents at no cost to the employee. Children are covered up to age 26.  


UAS offers regular-benefited employees the option to elect AFLAC. AFLAC is a supplemental insurance program (paid for by the employee) that pays the employee money if he/she becomes ill or injured. AFLAC is an optional insurance that is provided by a third-party vendor. For more information, contact the UAS AFLAC representative directly: Jazmine Gallegos (323) 633-9474. 


Life Insurance

Employees are protected by an employer-paid life insurance policy equivalent to one time their annual earnings. If an employee is injured or killed from an accident, the UAS plan provides an equal base amount of Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage. Employees are eligible to purchase additional life insurance for themselves and their dependents. 

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) 

Employees may set aside up to the legal maximum amount on a pre-tax basis each year to pay for eligible medical expenses. 

Dependent Care Account (DCA) 

Employees may set aside up to $5,000 on a pre-tax basis to pay for childcare or other dependent care to enable the parent or guardian to work. 


Employee Assistance Program 

The Hartford Ability Assist is available to benefited employees in need of emotional, legal or financial support at no extra cost. Employees and their dependent family members can talk to a counselor by phone at (800) 96-HELPS. The service includes up to three face-to-face emotional counseling sessions per occurrence per year. This means you and your family members won’t have to share visits. You can each get counseling help for your own unique needs. Work-life services and counseling for your legal, financial, medical and benefit-related concerns are also available by phone. 

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TIAA Retirement Plans: 

Tax Sheltered Annuity (403B)- You may enroll at the time of hire by completing a salary reduction agreement and will be eligible for company matching contributions. UAS will match your contribution dollar for dollar, up to a maximum of 6% per pay period. 


Money Purchase Retirement Plan-  You will be eligible to participate in this plan at the time of hire. UAS will contribute 6 % of earnings into the plan.  Vesting begins after two years of service. 

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UAS provides thirteen paid holidays each year. The 13 paid holidays are New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Cesar Chavez Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Three additional holidays will be observed during the winter break. Holidays falling on a Saturday are observed on the preceding Friday. Holidays falling on a Sunday are observed on the following Monday. Eligibility for holiday pay begins on the date of hire. To be eligible for holiday pay, you must be a full-time employee scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week. 


UAS grants Paid Time Off (“PTO”) to regular, benefited, full-time employees to provide them with the flexibility to meet both their work and personal needs. UAS believes that this time is valuable for employees not only to make their work experience with UAS personally satisfying, but also to enhance their productivity. Eligible employees can use PTO for any reason (e.g., vacation, illness, medical appointments, personal business). Eligible employees accrue from 17-31 days of vacation per year, based on hours worked and years of service. 


The Higher Education Assistance Program (HEAP) aids eligible employees who aspire to higher levels of skills and professional competencies. HEAP provides partial fee reimbursement to employees who take courses at any accredited institution of higher education. Upon documentation of successful completion of courses taken, UAS reimburses employee's semester/quarter tuition costs or fees up to the equivalent Cal State LA state and mandatory fees for up to six Cal State LA units per quarter.  

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